Fireworks Law

While certain fireworks are now legal in Pennsylvania, its important for everyone to understand what the law permits and what it does not permit.

The law sets the following parameters with respect to the shooting of fireworks:

  • They cannot be ignited or discharged on a public or private property without express permission of the property owner.
  • They cannot be discharged from or within a motor vehicle or building.
  • They cannot be discharged toward a motor vehicle or building.
  • They cannot be discharged within 150 feet of an occupied structure, whether or not a person is actually present.
  • They cannot be discharged while the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug.

The 4th point above pretty much limits any/all legal firework use in the township and drives a vast majority of the fireworks related calls we receive.

Being under the influence of alcohol when discharging fireworks and not simply against the law but defies common sense.  The mixing of alcohol and explosives is never a good idea.

Save yourself the cost of a fine and know the law. More information on the Commonwealth's fireworks law can be found on the Pennsylvania State Police website at: