Transient Retail Business Application

A Transient Retail Business License (soliciting) is required in the Borough for the following:

  • Engaging in peddling, canvassing, soliciting or taking orders, either by sample or otherwise, for any goods, wares or merchandise, upon any of the streets or alleys, sidewalks, or public grounds, or from house to house, within the Borough of Palmyra.
  • Selling, soliciting or taking orders for any goods, wares or merchandise, from a fixed location upon any of the streets, alleys or sidewalks of the Borough on a temporary basis, which may include but shall not be limited to such activities conducted at the time of special occasions or celebrations, for seasonal purposes or for or in advance of specific yearly holidays; and
  • Engaging in the distribution of advertising matter by circulars of any kind whatsoever, within the limits of the Borough.

Complete the application below and return it to the Palmyra Borough Police Department with the appropriate fee.

Solicitation by distributing advertising materials:

$10.00 per day/per person

$25.00 / year

Other solicitations:

$50.00 / year /per person

PDF icon Transient Retail License Application