Bicycle Theft Prevention

     The theft of bicycles seems to be an ongoing issue for many communities in PA.  Palmyra Borough is certainly not immune to this.  Nearly all thefts of bicycles reported in the Borough share one or two common characteristic; the bicycles were unattended and / or unsecured.  Please, when possible, secure the bicycle to a fixed object, or put it away and out of sight.  There are any number of variations of locks which are readily available in-store or online. 

    Bicycle owners can obtain a bicycle license for the cost of $1.00 from the Palmyra Borough Police Department.  Simply bring the bicycle to the Department so that all relevant information can be obtained and kept on file.  In the event the bicycle goes missing, we will already have the identifiable information.  If you are not willing to purchase the license, then please record the information such as make, model and serial number for the bicycle and keep that information somewhere it can be recalled.