Do Not Fall for Scam Artists

      The Palmyra Borough Police Department would like to remind everyone that We will never contact anyone by phone and ask for money.  We do not fund raise, nor do we look to collect fines.  We also will not contact anyone in order to arrange for bail payments.  We will not call you and threaten to arrest you for disregarding jury service.  

     If you receive these types of calls, do not panic, and more importantly, do not give out any personal identifying information such as your social security or bank account numbers.  Do not go to a convenience store to purchase, "i-Tune" gift cards.  Instead, if you are able, write down as much information regarding the call as possible, and contact Us or your local police department.  If you do not want to do that, please contact a friend, or someone you trust, and talk to that person about what you were told before doing anything.

   You can also report scams to the PA Attorney General's Office,  If you wish, you can sign up to receive text alerts from the PA Attorney General's Office,


Remember, if it doesn't look right, or sound right, it's probably not.  Call or talk to someone first!