Fireworks Reminder

In 2017 Pennsylvania firework laws were amended to allow the purchase and use of "Class C" or "consumer-grade" fireworks that include firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets, and similar aerial fireworks that contain a maximum of 50 milligrams of explosive material.  The law contains the following conditions and prohibitions which are summary violations:


(a) Conditions - A person who is at least 18 years of age and meets the requirements of this article may purchase, possess and use consumer fireworks

(b) Prohibitions - A person may not intentionally may not ignite or discharge:

       (1) Consumer fireworks on public or private property without the express permission of the owner.

       (2) Consumer fireworks or sparkling devices within, or throw consumer fireworks or sparkling devices from, a motor vehicle or building.

       (3) Consumer fireworks or sparkling devices into or at a motor vehicle or building or at another person.

       (4) Consumer fireworks or sparkling devices while the person is under the influence of alcohol, controlled substance or another drug.

       (5) Consumer fireworks within 150 feet of an occupied structure.

For more information, please click on the following link to view Palmyra Borough's Ordinance regarding Fireworks:

To read the entire language contained within House Bill 542, click this link: