Palmyra Borough Municipal Building Closure

    Effective immediately, Palmyra Borough Council has decided to close off access into the Palmyra Borough Municipal Building until further notice.  This decision was made to limit accidental exposure to the coronavirus.  Visitors will be met at the doors and access will only be granted for legitimate appointments.  A drop box located outside the main entrance will be checked several times a day throughout the week.  Any correspondence left will be delivered to the appropriate office.

     The Palmyra Borough Police Department will continue providing 24 hour services with some minor adjustments.  Officers will continue handling all calls dispatched or received.  The manner in which an officer handles the call will be determined on an individual basis.  Walk in complaints may be required to speak to the officer in the parking lot of the Municipal Building.  A call box is located on the wall beside the entry door to the Police Department's main entrance.  Please press the button for assistance.  If no answer is received, and you need to speak to an officer, contact Lebanon County Dispatch at, 717-272-2054.