Detective Bureau

Daniel Wright, Chief County Detective

Lebanon County Detective Bureau

The Lebanon County Detective Bureau is the criminal investigative unit of the District Attorney’s Office.  The five members of the bureau have combined law enforcement experience of over 100 years.  The detectives are highly trained and tasked with handling complex specialized investigations that range from Child Abuse to Homicide.  Detectives also assist other Lebanon County Police Departments with major cases including crime scene and evidence processing and other criminal investigations.

The areas of responsibility for the detective bureau are below

·        Child Abuse Investigations

·        Narcotics Investigations through the Lebanon County Drug Task Force.

·        Elder Abuse Investigations

·        Major case investigations including crime scene processing

·        Financial Investigations

·        Special Criminal Investigations

·        Corrupt Organization Investigations

·        Fugitives and Extradition

·        Forensic Examination of Mobile Phones and Computers

·        Management of the Lebanon County Central Booking Facility

·        Impaired Driving Grant – includes DUI checkpoints and roving DUI patrols

·        Precious Metals Reporting

·        Manage the prescription drug drop boxes in Lebanon County

·        Manage the Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team (START)

Members of the bureau works closely with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  The bureau also coordinates and participates in various task forces and law enforcement initiatives.