Welcome from DA Pier Hess Graf


The Office of the District Attorney of Lebanon County fights for justice for our community.  We advocate for victims and ensure zealous prosecution of criminal cases.  As your District Attorney, I believe strongly that each citizen needs to, and deserves to, feel safe.  I’ve been a prosecutor within the Office for nearly eleven years, and personally handle cases ranging from murder, rape, and robbery to instances of domestic violence.

Our Office employs more than thirty people, and criminally prosecutes over 2000 adult and 400 juvenile cases each year.  We utilize diversionary programs such as A.R.D., Veterans’ Court, and D.U.I. Court.  These programs focus on treatment for the offender, and give outcomes other than jail if the individual completes the requirements of his or her program.  In many cases, however, the offender’s conduct and the criminal charges warrant incarceration.  Our Office takes the responsibilities inherent to our jobs seriously, and in these cases we fight for serious punishments.

The County of Lebanon funds our Office.  To reduce the financial burden on our community, we applied for and received monetary grants at both the State and Federal level.  These grants fund programs, victim services, and employees.

I promise our Office understands the importance of the protection of our citizens and our community.




Pier Hess Graf

District Attorney of Lebanon County