Lebanon City Code Enforcement

What Is Enforced By The City Of Lebanon Department Of Public Safety:

City Codified Ordinances, which include the International Property Maintenance Code, International Fire Code, and other codes which address health & safety issues, blight and graffiti abatement.
Sanitation and Housing Inspectors:     

  • William Christner, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • Gerald Fisch, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector: 717-639-2800
  • April Henning, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • John Johnson, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • Daniel Milusnic, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800​
  • Glenn Yanos, Code Enforcement Officer: 717-639-2800                                                                                                                                                                                                               

There have been numerous reports nationwide of impersonations of housing inspectors. You have the right to request photo identification of any of the City Public Safety personnel.​

Types of violation notifications:

  • Instant violation notification (door hanger)
  • Ticket (Instant citation)
  • Formal Notice of Violation
  • Non-traffic citation
  • Repeat offender fines and costs

The type of notification issued and the compliance date specified depend on the nature of the violation and/or previous violations.​